Townsite is branching out!

After three years of: head down boots on we have finally pulled our heads out of the sand and are expanding our line up. We have started a new program of Barrel aged beers


Captain Redbeard wanted to start with his deliciously boozy Belgian Quad from last years HULK series, Cardena. Michelle said : no! new beers only for this program. Well that didn’t go over well, there was some talk of Indian leg wrestling in the Brewhouse but in the end old old Grumps Magee put on his sad face and who can say no to that?

Grumpy Magee


So the good news for all you Quad lovers ***cough Terry & Travis cough cough***  is: we have Quad in barrels for release later this year, and the left over ‘regular old quad’ is bottled and for sale in our store now.