Charitable Donations & Sponsorship

Since we opened our doors in 2012, we have supported fundraising efforts in our region as much as we possibly can and will continue to do so with our updated Growler Program. This program takes $1 from the sale of each growler fill or refill and donates it within our region.

Due to the volume of requests received each month, and a limited budget, we regret that we cannot say yes to every request. Donation and sponsorship for individuals for their own purposes is not available.

Donation: If your request is to raise funds for a charitable cause for the good of our community through fundraising, these donations are by in-kind goods and services only. Cash will not be

Sponsorship: If your request is giving to a cause, be it charitable or non-profit, that offers an organized program of brand exposure for its sponsors in exchange for support. These donations
may be in-kind goods and services or cash.

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