Alright I’m calling it. Throwdown is our theme for 20-fifteen.

Why? You ask. Well it might be due to the über competitive Leo/Aries combo that is Chloe Smith & Michelle Zutz



-all we know for sure is it’s deffo not the Piscean Brewmaster who mostly rolls his eyes and grumps along as we plan events. Who cares why! the fact is it’s the end of January and already we have several events in the works and there is a common thread starting to appear.

1. Towards the end of 2014 we were approached by the new management at the Savoury Bight restaurant here in PR with an idea for a little healthy competition. The idea? a Beer Throwdown series.


They said: “we want to invite some other breweries to town and have them go toe to toe with you guys, we’ll showcase the same style of beer from both breweries and guests will vote on their favorite”.

We said: “Bring it! …..and start with that new pale ale from Driftwood cause while we like their stuff ain’t no way, no how, they have what it takes to beat Suncoast”
(ok maybe we didn’t say that, maybe it was just Chloe who is responsible for the SC recipe and holds that one near and dear)


2. Then we got an email from Victoria Beer Week, happening March 8 -14.

The title of the email was: Thunderdome,

Captain Redbeard poked his head out of the mash tun & said : YUP!

-10 breweries showcasing: brand new, never before tasted beers under a dome of thunder! (or heat lamps or some such) in any case, sounds like a throwdown challenge to us.


3. AND THEN we kept seeing this thing about sandwiches and beer all over facebook & twitter. AND THEN it was a ‘ this sandwich that beer ‘  throwdown challenge

AND THEN all of a sudden we were planning our own sandwich and beer throwdown right here in PR!. -details will be forthcoming as the come forth-



It’s gonna be a whirlwind. Keep your eyes peeled to our fb and newsletter for details on these events and all things craft beer happening in PR and beyond in 2015