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A coastal micro-brewery on the shores of the salish sea


A coastal craft brewery at the tip of the Sunshine Coast on the shores of the Salish sea. We have a little something for everyone: Belgian inspired beers for BC style adventures; a self guided brewery museum housed in our tasting room; a patio for people watching; a large, family and pet friendly beer garden for you to bring a picnic and sample our products; several neighbourhood food partners with easy pick up and delivery options; a true community space.

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Add grapefruit, kombucha, or gingerbeer to any beer of your choice

COVID-19 is known to spread from person to person, mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or even when they are talking. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Spread is more likely when people are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). You can also spread this through touching contaminated people, objects or surfaces then touching your own face, nose, ear, eyes, or mouth.

We must understand that in our business of hospitality we have a risk of transmission through ourselves and our guests. You will more than likely come across someone with corona virus, who may not even show signs or know themselves. This manual will help guide you through how to prevent the spread and deal with difficult situations.

Our COVID-19 Safety Policies

For Our Guests

  • Masks – Masks are mandatory in all public indoor spaces. Masks can only be removed once seated at your table
  • Guest sanitization – we have placed a hand sanitizer station within the guests reach at the entrance to the tasting room. Our policy will be to encourage all guests to use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility as well as after using the washrooms.
  • Guest spacing – we have enforced social distancing between tables at least 2m apart. We will use pagers for guests waiting for tables so they are not congregating on our front sidewalk, pagers will be sanitized before and after each use with an alcohol wipe. We will have signage and placement markers to encourage social distancing. Any counter service will have clear barriers in place to act as a physical barrier.
  • Payment – We will encourage our guests to use card payment only at this time and the machines will be sanitized after each transaction.
  • Contact Tracing – We will be taking guest information for each guest group and keep on record for 30 days.
  • Guest wait list – we have implemented a pager-based wait list system and encourage guests to wait outside, in their vehicles, or go for a walk until their table becomes available. The pagers are accurate up to 800M which will reach comfortably inside the Townsite Market.
  • Groups – There is a maximum of 6 people per group. Please keep to your group and do not intermingle with our other guests.
  • The right to refuse service – like refusing to serve an intoxicated individual we will have the same power if guests display symptoms of COVID-19. Make sure that a manager is made aware and deals with this situation.
  • Respect – We will not tolerate abusive behaviour or language in our tasting room, directed at staff or our customers. We understand that these can be stressful times for everyone, but we are all in it together.


For Our Staff

  • Daily Health Checks – Staff will be required to complete a daily health check including temperature check.
  • PPE – Masks are required for staff in any common areas including tasting room and break rooms.
  • Personal hygiene – we will reinforce personal hygiene habits. Frequent hand washing etc.
  • Sanitization – High traffic areas (bathrooms, fridges, etc.) will receive regular sanitizing and tables will be sanitized between each guest seating.
  • Meetings – Meetings will take place over online platforms where possible
  • Deliveries – Masks will be required when accepting deliveries coming into our building.
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